Sarah J Duncan

Sarah J Duncan has extensive experience photographing everything from the restoration and repair of historical architecture, an Afghani compound in the soaring heat to inside freezers at minus 28C, and photographing London's Oxford Street for the BBC's Oxford Street Revealed. Her many regular clients include hotels, restaurants, construction companies and event spaces. When not out and about in Baghdad, she can be found in the studio photographing jewellery, objects and food. Sarah approaches every brief with an excitement and enthusiasm - always creating an amazing set of photographs for her clients. 

For her profile picture, Sarah chose her shot of the Auditorium of The Wales Millennium Centre: "I have chosen this because I love the dynamic shape in the image accentuated by the wide angle lens and positioning of the camera. The first circle seating really seems to encircle the stage wrapping it in a orange/red organic skin. Shot on 5x4 film with an exposure of 4 minutes it was a technical challenge to light, compose and shoot. One of my all time favourites."