Johnny Jetstream

Johnny Jetstream studied architecture and literature at Newcastle University in the UK and through his studies and interest, has an extensive knowledge of architecture around the world and the buildings he photographs - inside out. Johnny has had multiple, solo exhibitions in Newcastle upon Tyne and has exhibited at The Royal Academy in London.  He has also won several international awards for printing and photography and his work has featured in and on the cover of many magazines and books.

For the past ten years, he has been working on a project entitled the Urban Desert.  This is a photographic study of the imbalance between new trophy architecture and the decaying city in the vicinity which he refers to as ‘emptywhere'. The Urban Desert is a collection of remarkable buildings - remarkable either by survival, use or location. Moving forward, he also plans to incorporate painting and installations into the final project.

For his profile picture, Johnny chose his photograph of a collapsed gas station in Dallas, Texas: "I chose this image because it represents the decline of the American oil industry. It also accidentally resembles the Googie architecture and Cadillac fins from the heyday of oil guzzling. I almost drove past it because I had a thirteen hour drive that day but I will often see a building and either turn around or return the next day.“


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