Craig Auckland

Craig Auckland has been photographing architecture for nearly 20 years and after building a network of reputable clients including architects and construction companies, he set up Fotohaus, an image library specialising in the built environment. Craig travels the world to build up his stunning collection of images, photographing everything from the architecture of energy giants' buildings in India to grand, mirrored pavillions in France.


A shot of 10 Gresham Street in London by Foster + Partners is Craig's choice for his profile picture: "Although shot over 10 years ago now this image and building resonates with me for various reasons - I was commissioned by the developer/client to photograph 10 Gresham numerous times across a period of years, first just built and empty, then gradually as clients moved in. Used in brochures, journals, magazines and also advertising hoardings the overall project remains one of my favourites - a joy as well as a challenge to photograph."


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