Diane Auckland

Diane Auckland has been working as an architectural photographer for nearly 20 years. After graduating with a degree in editorial photography from the University in Brighton, Diane was employed as the in-house photographer for the Wates Group. After 8 years of influencing the company’s image, Diane left to join Fotohaus to pursue a new challenge.


For her profile photo, Diane chose her shot of the Faculty of Engineering and the Environment at the Boldrewood Campus at the University of Southampton by the architects, Grimshaws: "I’ve shot this project from very early stages during construction through to completion for Wates Construction, Grimshaws Architects and Ove Arup. It’s super interesting to document a huge project like this throughout the build. Grimshaws have designed both the site masterplan and the individual buildings, and each building has it’s own character and look.  The explosive welding process to create the runners along the pool sides was really exciting to watch and shoot. Overall, the campus is made up of striking, top quality architecture which made it a total joy to shoot."


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