Joe Cornish

Joe Cornish is a renowned, award-winning British landscape photographer. Since the beginning of his career in the 1980s, Joe has shot assignments for the National Trust and has worked around the world including Alaska as an expedition photographer, which inspired his commitment to wild places and the wilderness. He has also contributed to many books as well as writing several of his own.

Joe has judged Wildlife Photographer of the Year and is a regular host of the Natural History Museum’s Understanding Photography seminars. In 2008, Joe was made an honorary Fellow of the Royal Photographic Society and is now part of the Sony Global Imaging Ambassadors photographic team.

For his profile picture, Joe chose his shot of the Colegio Mayor de Arzobispo Fonseca: "Although my reputation is mainly as a landscape photographer, I love to shoot buildings, especially old European ones with a visible patina of history. And I have an obesession with staircases, which represent one of the most creative and playful elements in the architect’s expressive output. I am also part of the generation that grew up with the surreal and mind-bending graphic images of Dutch artist MCEscher. For me this composition with its glimpse of courtyard, arches, staircase and arcaded space (slightly distorted by the wide angle lens) is all very reminiscent of Escher. I can imagine him visiting Salamanca, sketching it and incorporating it into one of his dreamlike images.”


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