Mateusz Koston

Mateusz Koston studied photography at the European Academy of Photography in Warsaw, graduating in 2011, and began working as a portrait and fashion photographer with work published in many fashion magazines such as Italian Vogue, Papercut, Luxury Style and Ellements.

In 2017 Mateusz started taking photos of architecture discovering that architectural photography is the genre he is most passionate and excited about, declaring that he had “found what I was looking for - the purest form of all." Inspired by Ansel Adams, "I’m continuously searching for pureness in reality around. My black and white photos allow me to highlight that pureness".

For his profile image, Mateusz has chosen his image of the exterior of the Rondo 1 building in Warsaw, Poland: “In the glassy skyscraper, in the middle of huge city, I saw a cubistic, geometrical beach surrounded by blue sky with clouds dancing on its surface. The street lamp looks like a tropical palm tree. Do you see that? That’s what I wanted to show you.”


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