Ryan Koopmans

After completing his undergraduate education in Vancouver at The University of British Columbia, Ryan Koopmans received a Masters of Fine Art Photography at the School Of Visual Arts in New York City. He is particularly interested in photographing the points of intersection where the natural and manmade converge, thus he is drawn to surreal structures in the world’s megacities and manufactured landscapes. Formal aesthetic qualities such as geometry, repetition and saturation help him illustrate the poetry of form in these fantastical places.  Ryan is based in Amsterdam from where he works on assigned and independent photography projects around the world.


For his profile pictures, Ryan has chosen his photograph of De Rotterdam by Rem Koolhaa, which was nominated as a finalist in the Arcaid Image Awards 2015: "I spent several days photographing in the city, first staying in a hotel room in ‘De Rotterdam’ building itself. I then moved to a location across the river, where I was able to shoot the structure in various light conditions, from morning to night. As colourful freight containers drifted by, stacked on traditional barges, I made a connection between the massive blocks of Koolhaas’ building, and the products of the port themselves. It was a matter of timing to juxtapose the passing of the right ship with the towering blocks of ‘De Rotterdamg".


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