Siyuan Ma

Siyuan Ma is a visual artist and commercial photographer from Singapore who previously worked as an urban planner. Because of his training as an urban planner, Siyuan’s photography career has evolved around the built environment, emphasising on the nuanced interactions of various buildings against people through density, natural elements through forms, as well as their surrounding environment through their functions. Siyuan’s signature style involves a centre divide composition, which splits the photograph to tell stories from a fresh perspective. His works have been shortlisted in numerous international awards such as The Architectural Photography Awards, the International Garden Photographer of the Year as well as the Tokyo Art Olympia, and has also been exhibited in more than 10 countries.

For his profile shot, Siyuan has chosen his photograph of Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum in Singapore by Mok Wei Wei of W Architects. The photograph is representative of his visual approach of highlighting the synergy between natural and man-made elements in architectural photography.


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